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Democratizing technology, by providing access to tools, has been at the heart of Raspberry Pi since its inception in 2012.

By driving down the cost of general-purpose computing to below $5, we have opened up the ability for anybody to use computers in projects that previously required prohibitive amounts of capital.

Funding computer science education in the home and schools

Raspberry Pi Foundation aims to further the advancement of education of adults and children, particularly in the field of computers, computer science and related subjects.

The Foundation’s aims are to:

  • Engage millions of young people in learning computing
  • Enable every school to offer students opportunity to study computing and computer science
  • Understand how young people learn about computing and use that knowledge to increase online learning

Leading the world in low-power computing with the smallest resource footprint

Raspberry Pi computers are more efficient to manufacture, and consume less energy, than legacy desktop and embedded PCs.

Compared to a traditional desktop PC:

  • >90% less wastewater on PCB manufacture
  • >85% less electrical power during normal operation
  • 98% less shipping volume

Powering start-ups and scale-up

Raspberry Pi products are used in a large and growing number of embedded applications, from washing machines to underwater exploration vehicles.

We are committed to helping businesses bring Raspberry Pi-powered products to market.

Product information portal

  • Designed to eliminate the burden of navigating complicated compliance issues
  • Make it easier for companies to bring new, exciting products to consumers, in less time and with lower overhead costs

Raspberry Pi Design Partners

  • Provide support in integrating Raspberry Pi products on a consultancy basis
  • We review and approve each Design Partner to ensure that each has the necessary technical and commercial capabilities

Enabling the developing world

We seek to ensure people anywhere in the world can have access to a Raspberry Pi, including those in developing nations.

We actively support the onboarding of resellers in developing nations with 10 resellers in Central and South America, and 17 in developing countries in Asia.

We are actively seeking resellers in African nations and plan to work with the Foundation to support their activities in low and middle-income countries, supported by a grant from the Ezrah Charitable Trust.

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